Movie News Mondays: Welcome to December

Jurassic World picture

Welcome to December! I know I have been slacking recently with posts but I am back. News has been hitting an all time high with new trailers, news and even more movies to discuss. With the holiday season in full swing now, you can bet that movie commercials will be pouring out of every medium so check them out on your own time and enjoy the holidays. Now let’s get down to business… to defeat… the Huns. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

box office1. Let’s start with the box office. Thanksgiving rolled around and the new Hunger Games movie hit the theaters to everyone’s delight. It racked in over $120 million the first weekend which was lower than expected… yeah you heard that right… lower. The reason is because the previous two had topped $150 million, according to CNN. Don’t worry though, it held on again this past week earning another $56.9 million solidifying the number 1 spot. The kids flick Penguins of Madagascar cruised up the list to the number 2 spot earning a solid $25.4 million. Big Hero 6 held on strong in its 4th week adding another $18.8 million to solidify the 3rd spot. Interstellar is still hanging in time as it earned another $15.7 million while Horrible Bosses 2 tried to creep up the ladder making $15.4 million in its first week, rounding out the top 5. As next week seems to not have any big name movies being released, these movies are sure to add some dough into their pockets.

2. Moving on from the box office, let’s get to bigger news in the industry. If you have been checking Facebook or Youtube, you might have seen this picture:

Jurassic World pictureYes it seems that Jurassic Park is adding another film to its repertoire. It’s been 13 years since Jurassic Park III, and in movie time, it’s been 22 years since the original events. The park has been running for 10 years as of now and amidst slowing visitor rates, the scientists have cracked up something in their lab that will change everything. I think we can all see where this is going. Stuff goes haywire and now we have Jurassic World. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jake Johnson become the new crew to follow while new vehicles and more dinosaurs are sure to make a splash at its debut June 12, 2015. We luckily received a trailer for our viewing pleasure this past week, so take a look and make sure to get John Williams back into the forefront of your mind, he isn’t going anywhere.

3. In case you hadn’t gotten enough John Williams, we received some extreme news the other day in the form of a trailer. I won’t tell you what it is but you probably can tell from the opening image of it.

Yes, you saw that right, we finally get a glimpse at J.J. Abrams’ and Disney’s attempt at revitalizing the Star Wars saga with Star Wars VII The Force Awakens. While not giving away too much, we can definitely spot the J.J. Abrams effect as the Millennium Falcon flies in the sky and stormtroopers get ready for a battle. The only story we get is a new dark side threat with a new lightsaber and the promise of good in the world. Let the hype start now as we still have to wait over a year for the full release December 15, 2015.

4. One movie we won’t have to wait for is the third installment of The Hobbit. The Battle of the Five Armies promises to bring the armies out to capture the mountain just after the group of 12 spent two movies capturing it. Smaug will make his return though short-lived while politics will bring even more problems. At only 144 minutes, the film is the shortest one of the three but will pack more fighting and Orlando Bloom than humanly thought possible. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet and prepare for the horde of nerds that will be flocking to the theaters December 17.

5. Last but not least, I hope you guys are in for some musical numbers this Christmas as Into the Woods is promising to be a great contender at this years awards. While plenty of websites have been praising the movie, I am excited to see if the actors and actresses fulfill all the hype that is being spoken of the movie. Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp and Anna Kendrick will star in this musical as it hits theaters Christmas Day. Check out the trailer below and get to explore the forest this Christmas.

As the holiday season rolls around, things tend to get a bit hectic for everyone. This also is a perfect time for everyone to take a step back and enjoy the latest movies to hit the screens. Movies are a perfect way to get your mind off something and can spark some creativity if you are needing some ideas for some Christmas gifts. Enjoy the news and stay tuned for more movie reviews coming soon.


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