Interstellar: Saving The World 7 Years At A Time

Interstellar cover picAfter trailers for the movie thrilled audiences and solidly grabbing $47 million this past weekend at the box office, I decided to see what all the hoopla was about. Matthew McConaughey stars in this space time spectacle feeding at the thought that we are meant to leave this planet. Christopher Nolan helms the film to create brilliant sites to behold as Anne Hathaway pulls at our heart strings. This is Interstellar.

In the not so distant future, the Earth has become much like it was in the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Dust storms ravage farmland as corn is the only thing that grows. Engineers, pilots and biology have gone by the wayside as farming is what Earth needs most. People are trying to drain every last ounce of life out of the planet before humans become extinct.

Matthew McConaughey survives out in the fields with his son, daugher and his father. He became a farmer after his piloting career went haywire in a crash. While his son enjoys farming, his daughter is convinced there are ghosts in the house as books and now her Apollo lander have been moved from her shelves onto the floor. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) instead of saying no, reminds her of the roots of science and tells her to investigate, hypothesize and test her thoughts. After a dust storm though, Cooper’s thoughts are challenged.

Things seem to be different as the dust seems to settle into a certain pattern. Murph (MacKenzie Fox) has been trying morse code to figure it out, Cooper though realizes it as binary. Figuring out the pattern, he realizes that it is coordinates. Traveling to those coordinates Cooper and Murph land in front of a locked fence. They have discovered NASA.interstellar space Matthew McConaughey

Struggling to find food, the United States decided to abandon the space program since they had so many problems on the ground. What everybody missed is that by Saturn a wormhole has opened with access to the great beyond. Planets that could be used as an escape for humans to survive. The first scientists are already at the planets, waiting to be picked up. All they need Cooper to do is to fly the spacecraft.

Amidst this 2 hour and 49 minute film, brilliant cinematography is on display as Christopher Nolan confuses the mind with space and time theories as Cooper is on a mission to get back to his daughter, Murph. We watch Murph and Tom (his son) age into their 30s and 40s as Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck portray the siblings. What starts off as promising quickly becomes nightmarish when Cooper and his crew are placed in the middle of a planet covered in water with 50 ft. swells.

interstellar pic 3I will have to stop at this point to spare the rest of the film. Spoilers happen from this moment on containing a surprise actor, time travel, and a trippy looking universe. What happens to Cooper? What about Murph? Do they get to see each other? You will have to see it to figure it out.

Matthew McConaughey puts on another great performance as you really believe his drive to see his daughter again. Anne Hathaway provides an emotional speech that will live on forever. The score provided by Hans Zimmer is just as good as his other works including Inception, The Batman Trilogy and Pirates of The Caribbean. He seemed to use a lot more Bach-esque organ music for this film. I like the organ though as it creates a new frontier sort of sound that Bach first experience back in the 1600s.

Check out this film in theaters or IMAX right now, this is sure to garner some Oscar talk. What is it with Christopher Nolan films? We just can’t get enough.


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