Movie News Monday: Hey Look At That! It’s Monday!

hunger game mockingjay pic

You’re already waiting for this week’s news!?! Well look no further. I’m back again with more movie news to filter out to your closest friends. After DC Comics and Marvel blew everybody away with what we will be getting until 2020 at the box office, many things have gone overlooked. We have Star Wars Episode VII to think about and what about the new Fast and Furious movie post Paul Walker’s death? All this and more will be revealed below.

box office1. Of course we have to cover this past weekend’s box office. With Halloween being on Friday, many people had plans other than going to the movies as first place only managed $10.7 million. This marks a new 7 week low in ticket sales. The crazy part was the race between Ouija and Nightcrawler as it was won by the nose of the horse. Nightcrawler ended up with $10.4 million as Ouija barely beat the film with $10.7. Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck fought to the death for 3rd and 4th in a race just as close as one and two. Brad’s World War II film Fury took 3rd with $8.82 million as Ben’s thriller Gone Girl brought in $8.48 million. Animated film The Book of Life held on strong with $8.2 million as it rounds out the top 5.

This weekend is promised to right the ship of lowering ticket sales as Christopher Nolan is back to his ways post-Batman with Interstellar and Disney gives us a peek into the fun side of Marvel with Big Hero 6. If you haven’t seen a trailer for it, you must not watch anything. I have it posted below in case you need a laugh. Check out the movies this weekend, there is always something to see.

2. While everyone mourned the death of Paul Walker, the directors of Fast & Furious 7 went into creative mode to try to not only alter the entire story in the saga but give him the send-off he deserves. The other day the first official trailer was released and boy oh boy what a trailer. To start off, the entire crew are in vehicles inside a flying cargo plane. Yes you heard that right, and yes they drop out of the plane and land it. High-speed chases, turret enforced Greyhound buses, holding on to life by the spoiler of a drifting vehicle all in the first 30 seconds. Don’t worry, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is there also, breaking his arm out of a cast and the car man himself, Jason Statham. Get ready for another spring filled with loud engines as the film drops April 3, 2015.

3. For all the nerds out there, this one is for you. Star Wars VII finished up production on the film on Saturday as plenty of the film stars were seen at a party at London’s Science Museum. Han Solo, Leia and Luke were all in attendance and to feed rumors, Simon Pegg was also with the group. He has been rumored to be a part of the story but nothing official. Although this is news, it just continues the burning desire to see the film in its entirety and I don’t know if I can wait another year for it. It seems though that I might as it will be released December 18, 2015. Let the web feeds continue the talk about potential storylines.

Star Wars VII pic 4. Although Ashton Kutcher portrayed a brilliant Steve Jobs in jOBS, Sony Pictures still wanted a crack at a biopic about the inventor of today’s society and obsession with Apple products, Steve Jobs. Leonardo DiCaprio had been originally knocked for the part of Steve but passed as Christian Bale was named the lead. As production was about to start though, Christian Bale pulled out of the job citing “conflicting feelings” as the reason. I guess Sony goes back to the hiring board as they struggle to find who can portray the man himself. It will be hard though as he will be joining Seth Rogen who is playing co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniack.

5. As November 21 looms closer and closer, fans have been anxiously awaiting the third installment in the Hunger Games series. While presale tickets recently went on sale, news has came in that it set the record for most presale tickets this year, beating out Divergent. The film still has 3 weeks until its debut and it is already breaking records. I think this will be  a recurring theme as we gear up for not only the end of The Hunger Games, but also the end of Philip Seymour Hoffman in films. Make sure to buy your tickets now as theaters are sure to be filled to capacity that weekend and remember the Mockingjay lives.

hunger game mockingjay picStay tuned for some movie reviews as I saw Birdman yesterday and Interstellar and Nightcrawler are on my too-see list. I hope to start bringing you more film reviews of movies on Netflix… hopefully soon. Keep on exploring through the movies, you never know what you might get.


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