Movie News Mondays: News Coming Up on a Tuesday

interstellar pic 1

Yet again with some more movie news, this week has already been chalk full of news. Monday wouldn’t have given justice into what we heard today. Check out the top movie news of the past week including the weekend box office, Marvel’s attempt at staying ahead of DC Comics, the next Divergent movie posters, more Marvel news and a first peek at Matthew McConaughy in Interstellar.

box office1. This past weekend, the number 1 and 2 spots were controlled by the two newcomers Ouija and John Wick. Clearly everybody is still scared of Ouija boards as the teen thriller raked in $19.9 million to capture the first spot. Keanu Reeves is pulled out of retirement in new action film John Wick that brought in just under $14.5 million while Fury held on strong for the number 3 spot with $13.4 million. Gone Girl and Ben Affleck just won’t go away adding in another $11 million to the already hefty sum it has accumulated, while animated film The Book of Life held on to the number 5 spot with another $10 million.

divergent insurgent pic 12. If you haven’t heard of the Divergent series, you probably should put the books on your Kindles or iPads as soon as possible. Earlier this year, Shailene Woodley starred in this Hunger Games-esque action/adventure film in which the world is split into factions based on personality traits. After grossing over $150 million, they quickly started up the next movie in the series and today we received the first posters of it. The film which is officially named The Divergent Series: Insurgent, will receive the 3D effect when it hits theaters March 20, 2015. The posters follow a military first person shooter video game sporting the characters in the film in a 3D inter-active poster. Check out to see the posters.

3. Too move onto the beefy side of this weeks news, all I can say is wow. If you read my last week’s post, DC Comics recently laid out the plans for all their films until 2020. Well not to be outdone, Marvel released their film schedule until 2020. Marvel news has quickly been spreading as Avengers: Age of Ultron gets ready to control the superhero genre in May. Ant-Man and the reboot of the Fantastic Four join the second Avengers film this year as the third Captain America film named Captain America: Civil War will run 2016 with X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool, Doctor Strange (more news on that later) and Sinister Six. 2017 will bring the return of Chris Pratt as StarLord in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, a second Fantastic Four film, the third Thor film named Ragnarok and Black Panther.

marvel cover2018 brings the biggest news Marvel wanted to release as we will be getting a two part Avengers 3rd film named The Infinity War. Along with part 1 opening in May, Captain Marvel, Inhumans and another untitled film will also be released this year. 2019 will spell the end of the reign as of right now with the second part of The Infinity War being released. With the third Avengers film being split into parts, we can all start to nerd out and discuss what we might see in these films. I had to refresh my memory on Ragnarok (a cyborg version of Thor) but after checking out the history of him, I feel he might be the central villain for this third phase of the Marvel Universe, but I guess we will have to see.

If you haven’t already check out the first trailer for the second Avengers film.

Benedict Cumberbatch4. The fourth top newsstory this week is more Marvel news. I know I could have added it into the last part but that news was too big to try to include anything else. A while ago I reported that Joaquin Phoenix was in talks with Marvel to play Doctor Strange. Apparently though talks have switched over into another actor. Benedict Cumberbatch is apparently very close to signing on to portray the strange Doctor. After his stellar performances in Sherlock and Star Trek, I’m not surprised that Marvel has sights set on including him in their universe. Although this may seem likely, it still is not confirmed so don’t start fangirling over this news yet.

5. Many people are anxiously awaiting Christopher Nolan‘s newest film, Interstellar. The film will open November 7th with IMAX screenings two days before. We might have seen the trailer a dozen times and yet we hardly know anything about the film. All we know is that Matthew McConaughy and Anne Hathaway are charged with finding a new planet for human life. decided to combine all the reviews of the film and place them in one place for readers to enjoy. While filled with praise about the spectacle of the event and the amazing videography, the film is not without its flaws.

interstellar pic 1While the film may have its flaws, I can honestly tell you that this film will be big at the box office. Touted as the newest 2001: A Space Odyssey I can see this film making waves in the awards sector just like Gravity did. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out below and make sure to reserve your tickets now. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet.

As you prepare to horde Halloween chocolate so that you can hibernate through the winter, don’t forget about attending your favorite movies at the movie theater. Although the tickets may be breaking the banks, understand that most of the ticket sales do not go back to the theater, and with films sporting bigger and bigger budgets (Insterstellar‘s budget was $165 million) ticket prices don’t seem to be lowering anytime soon. Think about that the next time you pay $12 to enter the theater. Enjoy the news and look forward to some movie reviews hitting your eyes soon.


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